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Glen Innes Pistol Club offers a safe sporting experience for the entire family.

Safety is top priority at Glen Innes Pistol Club so rest assured, your safety and that of your loved ones is in good hands.

  • The Club offers a 10m air range, two 25m ranges and a 50m range. These allow us to host the following matches: Black Powder, Centre Fire, Sports Pistol, Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire, 50m Pistol and Air Pistol.

  • Two Open Shoots held per year. For information on the Open Shoots please click here.

  • New members are always welcome at Glen Innes Pistol Club. For information on joining click here.

  • Safety rules and regulations are followed to the letter without exception. This includes safety training for new members prior to supervised participation.
  • Dress code includes CLOSED TOP SHOES, HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION. Any person not following the dress code WILL NOT BE ADMITTED to any range.
  • The Club is proud to say they offer full wheelchair access to all ranges and buildings.
Contact details
  • Lot 741 Bradleys Ln, Glen Innes NSW 2370
  • 02 6723 2057