The Glen Innes Highlands Visitor Association was created to support businesses trading in the Glen Innes Severn Shire that are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism, hospitality and service industries.

The Association promotes Glen Innes Highlands in a constructive, co-ordinated and collaborative way to enhance the visitor perception and experience.

40% of the Glen Innes Highlands economy

GIHVA helps local operators to grow their businesses to enhance the Shire of Glen Innes’s economic and community outcomes. Today, tourism directly accounts for 40% of the local economy.

Every $100 spent generates $216 locally

Tourism’s multiplier effect is well documented. For every $100 visitors spend locally, Glen Innes employees will earn $65, and Glen Innes businesses will earn $151 in additional sales.

88% of tourism dollars spent here stays here

Tourism is an essential tool in regional economic development, especially bringing in money from outside the region. Research shows that only 12% of the money spent by visitors leaves the region.

Tourism boosts real estate sales

Many of the people who have chosen to start a business in Glen Innes originally came as visitors. Not surprisingly, every $100 spent by visitors leads to a growth of $179 in the real estate sector.

Tourism is outgrowing the economy by 230%

Over the past 3 years, tourism GPD has grown 23%, compared with the Australian economy’s growth of 10%.

Our role is to help our members benefit from tourism’s growth, by building our region’s reputation, and building a robust local tourism industry. The more we grow tourism, the better it will be for the whole region.

How we directly support the Glen Innes economy

GIHVA is responsible for the creation, management and financing of our marketing arm Destination Glen Innes.

Association partnership helps pay for the following ongoing activities:

  • Social media daily posts and interactions. This includes business partner shares, business partner profiles, shares of Glen Innes event that will attract people to the area, regular shares of images and the monthly photo competition. Our social media channels have over 11,000 followers and subscribers, giving us an extraordinary reach for the region.

  • Monthly e-newsletter.

  • Glen Innes Highlands Visitor Association website will have destination information for visitors, business partner listings with relevant links, an events calendar that is regularly updated & weekly destination blog.

  • Glen Innes Highlands Visitor Association directly contributes to a number of events such as The Australian Celtic Festival, Minerama, The Glen Innes Show and events that are trying to get off the ground such as The Rose Festival, Chill n Glen, Emmaville Sheep Races, Outlandish and Glen on Wheels but to name a few.

GIHVA directly contributes to the production costs of a number of brochures held at the Visitor Information Centre such as Bird Watching, Fishing, Fossicking and the History Walk.